Problem Sets


There will be several problem sets (typically 5-6) spaced throughout the semester. Typically, after we cover a major concept or set of tools, I will assign a problem set to practice this material.

Logistics: Submitting on Blackboard

Please type your answers to the following questions in a document and save as a PDF1 to upload on Blackboard under Assignments. You may handwrite answers if you will be able to scan/photograph & convert them to a single PDF, if they are easily readable, but this is not preferred. See my guide to making a PDF - an essential skill in the modern world. If you are handwriting answers, you may print the pdf above and write on it, or just write on a piece of paper (we only need your answers, not the questions).

For the few questions that ask you to draw a graph, try to do so on your computer (use MS Paint, the drawing tools in MS Word or MS Powerpoint, plot points in MS Excel, drawing/notetaking apps, etc.), and save it as an image to include on your homework document. Again, they need not be perfect or to scale, just show that you understand the broad idea. Being able to understand and sketch the graphs is still a very important and useful skill! If all else fails, I will be lenient in grading graph questions if you are unable to technologically include a graph.

You may work together (and I highly encourage that) but you must turn in your own answers.


Your TA, under my supervision, will grade homeworks 70% for completion, and for the remaining 30%, and one question will be graded for accuracy - so it is best that you try every problem, even if you are unsure how to complete it accurately.

Feel free to ask both me and your TA, or come to office hours, if you have any questions or need any help.


  1. In MS Word, or Pages, or most word processing software, File -> Save As -> PDF, or File -> Export -> PDF.↩︎